Engage Your Developer Audience

Clear and concise technical content and strategy to educate and inform your developer audience. By a developer, for a developer.

Essential Instructions is a


SDK, API Documentation, Code Samples, and Hardware Examples

Clearly documented objects, methods, and requests are essential for developers to adopt and leverage your API. Essential Instructions has the developer background to write technical documentation that’s by developers, for developers.
We can also develop additional learning resources like code samples and example hardware projects. We provide that outside lens from your developer audiences’ perspective. This ensures your learning resources will help your developer audiences on their developer journey.

Technical Blogs, Whitepapers, and eBooks

We can perform a deep dive into the heavy technical details to produce developer guides, technical blogs, white papers, and eBooks that educate and inform your developer audience. Some of our past projects include machine learning, IoT, REST APIs, and more.

Video Tutorials

Videos tutorials are amongst the most effective methods for demonstrating your product’s workflows, processes, and extensibility. Today, developer audiences turn to resources like YouTube for learning everything from tool usage to writing code. Let us help you plan and develop video tutorials and YouTube channels which speak to your developer audience.

Developer Relations Consulting

As a DevRel.agency we are the experts in developer relations (DevRel) strategy and implementation.
We provide a wide change of DevRel consulting services ranging from workshops on how to start a DevRel program, to friction logs where we assess your developer audiences’ journey from discovery to evaluation.