The UBC Department of Mechanical Engineering is well known for its research into mechanical systems and machining processes. They have developed a CNC simulator which simulates and analyzes the machining process, before parts are physically machined. This enables the manufacturing process to be optimized for efficiency and machining problems to be identified before physical materials are potentially wasted. Essential Instructions worked closely with UBC to develop a user manual for this software. The project required us to quickly become familiar with CNC machining tools, techniques, and manufacturing processes while designing a manual targeted towards mechanical engineers and machinists. Here’s what one of the project directors had to say about us:

“Essential Instructions was an asset to us during the development of our new software product. They quickly grasped the technical details of our user workflows and delivered a great user manual on time. This allowed us to remain focused on product development knowing that the creation of the user manual was in good hands. We will definitely look to Essential Instructions to help us again on future projects.” Mustafa K. – Project Consultant, UBC Department of Mechanical Engineering”