Five quick tips for proof reading

By November 29, 2010 February 27th, 2016 General

Ever stare at a word for so long that you eventually start to think that it has a funny spelling? This is what tends to happen as we proofread the same content over and over. So here are a few small tips that are sure to help you achieve that perfect prose:
• If possible, have someone else read your content.
• Temporarily change the font size, color, or style. I’ve found that changing the look of the text in some way often forces the eye to look closer. Word 2007 is great for this because, you can put your mouse over a style button to temporarily preview the text in different style. Alternatively, try exporting the content to a different format such as PDF, or copy and paste the content into another editor like Notepad.
• Temporarily separate content apart. For example, temporarily splitting one paragraph into two can often be enough to force the eye to see the text in a new light.
• Read your content out loud; sometimes we hear things that our eyes miss.
• Take a break and re-read the content at a different time. Ideally if you can let it sit overnight, you are almost sure to spot some anomalies after a fresh new start.

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