About Essential Instructions Inc.


Essential Instructions Inc. is the brain child of Dana Fujikawa – a freelance technical writer, programmer writer, and software engineer with over two decades of industry experience. Dana is passionate about developing informational and instructional materials for others.

As a former senior level Technical Writer and programmer for Electronic Arts Canada, Dana has combined his strong communication skills with his software engineering background to educate and inform a multitude of audiences. With his extensive technical background, his biggest strength lies in gathering complex technical information and transforming it into easy to use documentation.

In 2010 he established Essential Instructions Inc. to provide this experience to others. If you’re looking for someone who can help you develop a variety of informational and instructional materials for your organization, contact Dana Fujikawa at Essential Instructions today. To learn more about Dana’s past projects, visit his LinkedIn profile here.

Dana Fujikawa

“Dana is a hard worker who is results focused. As a technical writer, Dana is able to distill technical concepts down to essentials and understands how to best present information for a particular end user.”
Development Director, Electronic Arts Canada