Video Tutorials

If you have a product or a website, then a video tutorial or promotional video can be one of the most effective ways to inform your customers about it. But finding the proper voice narration and allocating the time to edit the video can be a challenge for any organization. I’ve save organizations time and money by learning your software and producing your video tutorials for you. One such example is a project I did for Navarik, a local web development firm specializing in developing customer portals, for which they needed a set of video tutorials to get their customers up and running quickly. In this project, close collaboration with both their business analyst and developers was required in order to deliver a robust set of videos, in an environment where the software was still in development and project requirements were changing.

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Technical Diagrams & Illustrations

A picture is worth a thousand words and nowhere is this timeless statement more applicable than in technical documentation. Technical diagrams and illustrations are great methods for visually portraying information.

If your user guides, spec sheets, presentations, or marketing materials need some artistic flare, then contact Essential Instructions today. I can develop a full suite of diagrams, illustrations and animations to convey your information and add that professional polished look. One such example includes the overview diagram I created for Cisco’s Accessory Manager API.

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